Are you ready to interrupt your patterns and live healthier and happier without ever  feeling like you are missing out?

Have you wondered about signing up for Dry July – but aren’t sure you can manage a month without alcohol?

Don’t worry!  We’ve got your back.  You can join us for the very first Kiwi LIVE Alcohol Experiment - Starting July 1st.   And for this very first Kiwi live alcohol experiment you can join for absolutely FREE (saving you $197).

A 30-day alcohol free experiment to rewire how you think about drinking, giving you back happiness, freedom and control.

Why should you do a LIVE Alcohol Experiment?

Because The Alcohol Experiment, developed by Annie Grace, is the only program on the planet that actually rewires your subconscious conditioning around alcohol during the 30 day break!

Is this you?

The LIVE Alcohol Experiment is very different than anything you’ve tried before.

Believe me, this is not the same old information and tactics you’ve heard before. This isn’t about taking any prescribed series of steps or white knuckling your way through withdrawals.  This is real, science-based information on how alcohol changes your body and your mind.  This is about understanding how your thinking changes when you drink alcohol. And it’s  understanding the physical, mental, and emotional reasons that you’ve found it difficult to  cut back.

We have been where you are now – we know and understand the frustration and confusion that comes with feeling like you aren’t fully in control of your drinking. And we know how to help you change your thinking about alcohol so you can easily decide how much you want to drink (or not to drink at all) and stick to it.

Here is what you get:

What does that mean?

Well, everything we do in life, we do for one reason only… because we feel like it! Sure, you  can do things you don’t feel like doing over the short term - but not over the long term. We  always go back to what we feel like doing (especially in times of stress).

And through the daily reading, videos and expert interviews in The Alcohol Experiment you  don’t just change your drinking. You change your feelings about drinking.

And changing your feelings about drinking is key to changing your long term drinking  patterns.

The LIVE Alcohol Experiment is for people who want to dig into their thoughts and beliefs  about alcohol in order to change the role it has in their lives.

You’re a great fit if….

  • You are of two minds about alcohol— you want to drink less but you also feel deprived or  upset when you abstain.
  • You drink out of habit or boredom— only to regret it later.
  • You are starting to wonder if alcohol is taking more than it is giving
  • You are curious about a life without booze but don’t believe you are an alcoholic.
  • You want to drink less, but life seems way too stressful. (After all alcohol is the Duct-Tape  that is holding life together!)
  • You have a love-hate relationship with alcohol — and find yourself setting limits and then  breaking them when happy hour rolls around.
  • You have tried to cut back or stop drinking (possibly many times), using willpower alone, and found it ineffective.
  • You fell into drinking more than you ever wanted— without making a conscious decision  to do so.
  • You can stop drinking for a few days but find yourself feeling deprived
  • You are ready to regain control — of your drinking, your life, your health, and your  happiness.
  • You are looking forward to feeling great on Saturday night and Sunday morning.
  • You are ready to be your best self, get in shape, regain your self-esteem and change your life.
  • A complete mindset shift before the experiment even starts. The most important part is mindset and with 7 short ‘pre-work’ videos your entire outlook will change, making the experiment easy!
  • Powerful daily email coaching.
  • Twice weekly LIVE zoom group coaching.
  •  A confidential and supportive community of people who understand your situation.
  • Daily Reflections Journal. Your personal reflections, ah-ahs and insights will be invaluable in your journey. That’s  why we strongly suggest you use Annie’s customised reflections journal where you can track and dig deep into  your own journey, motivations and ultimate success.

Your Coaches

Lisa Burch

I signed up to Annie Grace’s very first live Alcohol Experiment in January 2019, after many years of worrying that my drinking was out of my control.  I was about to enter my 60s and didn’t see a healthy and happy old age ahead of me because of it.  Finding myself genuinely not wanting to drink alcohol at the end of the 30 day experiment was a revelation, and knocking off that first big domino in my journey to a healthier and more contented self made me realise that how I lived the next chapter in my life was completely within my own control.  Modern, science based, understanding of how our brains’ deep-rooted instincts for survival can work against us in the modern environment can be the key to helping us change the behaviour that impacts negatively on our lives.   With my vastly improved health and energy I’m now excited about this season of my life, which brings me the gift of more time to pursue the things I love.

Over the past three years I’ve continued to explore both my own personal self-development and to hone my craft as a coach.  I am a certified coach in Annie Grace’s This Naked Mind methodology and have certification as a health and nutrition coach with Prekure.  My passion is to help people thrive into old age:  there is no reason why boomers should not bloom!

Ree George

My name is Ree George and I am so excited to be part of the First EVER Kiwi Live Alcohol Experiment.

 I am a PreKure certified Health Coach specialising in Mental Fitness & Addictive Behaviours. I work with clients who have a curiosity about the role that alcohol plays in their lives, or who have reached the stage where they would like to reduce their alcohol intake. At the same time I can help you learn new strategies to put in your ‘Mental Fitness’ toolbox, and how to utilise these strategies at the appropriate times when life gets chaotic or challenges appear, so that you don’t revert to old habits & behaviours that are no longer serving you.

 As a working Mum with three school-aged children I focus my coaching on women who are juggling busy lives, marriages/relationships, children, careers, and health and who are possibly leaning on addictive behaviours (alcohol, sugar, food, exercise and more) to help them get through the day.  There is an easier way – which is less exhausting, and more fulfilling.

Important: The Alcohol Experiment is not intended for individuals with a physical  dependence on alcohol.

The Alcohol Experiment contains medical, psychological, and physiological information  relating to alcohol and addiction. This program is primarily intended for individuals with  a psychological or emotional dependence to alcohol. It is not intended to be a substitute

for medical or psychological treatment or evaluation. It is strongly recommended that you  seek professional advice regarding your health before attempting to incorporate any advice  enclosed into your life, especially if you have reached a point of physical dependence on  alcohol. Withdrawal symptoms due to a physical dependence on alcohol have the potential to  be severe, and in some cases life-threatening. Those who seek to abstain entirely from alcohol  beverages should consult first with a qualified healthcare professional. The information contained in this experiment is not meant to replace professional, medical guidance. By  participating in The Alcohol Experiment you agree to the full terms and conditions.

We will be absolutely delighted if you join us for this 30 day exploration of the role that alcohol has in your life and in our society.  This may be the greatest gift you give yourself this year.

If you don’t feel that joining a group is right for you just now but would like to talk to someone about one-to-one coaching both of us have available slots for a free, no-obligation, discovery call.

Contact us to find out how we can help you thrive!

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